The wines

Tasting Catleya wines is the opportunity to live a unique sensory experience. The color palette, the richness of aromas and flavors, everything evokes the Corcova described by Marcel Proust, its blooming vineyards and sunny hills.

Freamăt Catleya

Freamăt wine range

Freamăt, the first collection and the best seller of the Catleya winery, offers modern and fresh blends, which are easily suitable for a family lunch or an evening with friends.

Freamăt white is a blend of white and royal Fetească, with aromas of linden flowers, acacia, white-fleshed fruits (pears, nectarines) and citrus aromas.

Freamăt rosé is a fresh wine with aromas of spring, lemon and red fruits. It has a pleasant acidity and an elegant taste.

Freamăt red has a dark ruby color, offers olfactory aromas of berries, jams, cocoa and leather. It is a structured wine, with velvety tannins. It has an aging potential of up to 8 years. 

Perfect Simplu wine range

The Perfect Simplu range is, first of all, a tribute to Oltenia, our adoption region.

It is also a range of monovarietal wines, designed and vinified to highlight the typicality of each variety.

The wines are made with wild yeasts (which are naturally found on the skins of the grapes), so that the result is as faithful as possible to the exceptional land of Corcova.

For each wine, between 15 and 25% of the total volume is aged in Romanian oak barrels for approximately one year. 

Épopée wine range

With Proust in mind and the Orient Express trip he dreamed of to visit Prince Bibescu in Corcova, the Catleya domain makes up the Épopée wine collection.

The wines in the Épopée range are made only in excellent years, in a small quantity, from the best grapes of that year, with all the care, experience and skill of the oenologist.

They are the result of a selection of grapes vinified and matured separately, in new Romanian oak barrels, for 9 months for Epopée white and 18 months for Epopée red.

Thus we obtain some gastronomic, complex, structured wines, with a wide range of pleasant aromas and with a great aging potential. 

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